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Drivability Issues

Drivability Issues

driveability issues

When your automobile is misfiring, stalling, vibrating, or having problems with the check engine light, these can be symptoms of a larger problem with the vehicle's drivability. Drivability is a term that is typically applied to the qualities of a vehicle a consumer is considering for purchase. However, more specifically, it refers to an general evaluation, performed by a skilled technician, concerning the vehicle's powertrain capabilities, and whether or not it effects the overall "ability" for a person to "drive" a vehicle (hence the term, "driveability").

However, this word is more than it's definition; it is describing a real-world phenomenon with serious consequences for vehicles and those who drive them. If your automobile is having issues concerning it's drivability, you will experience them first hand while driving the effected vehicle

Issues with drivability can include, but are not limited to:

  • No-Crank Condition: a phenomenon that occurs when a car doesn't respond to a key turn, or all systems fail before the vehicle is fully started. If a vehicle can't start, this, of course, impacts its ability to be driven.
  • Starts and Dies Condition: if a vehicle starts, but doesn't run smoothly after it's ignited (i.e. vibrates, rattles, shakes, bucks, etc.) this can impede the drivers ability to effectively drive the vehicle.
  • Acceleration Issues: If the vehicle cannot brake smoothly, has questionable noises such as grinding or sqeaking, or has any issues associated with acceleration, it can indicate an underlying issue and can be a sign that the car is not completely safe to drive.
  • Cold/Hot Start Run Problem: If the weather outside is too hot or too cold, and you are having trouble with the ignition, it can be a sign of this drivability problem.
  • Intermittent Dying: If a vehicle dies at random moments, it is very clearly an unsafe situation (most likely a problem with ignition) and needs to be fixed immediately before it can be considered "drivable".

To put it plainly, anything that effects your ability to safely drive your vehicle is a drivability issue, which is why Galceran Auto Electric specializes in drivability maintenance and repair work. Your vehicle's safety is essential to your own safety, and we do not take that lightly. If you think your vehicle, or a vehicle you are considering for purchase, is having issues with drivability, come see us today. We serve those near Miami, FL, Downtown Miami, FL, Little Havana, FL, and surrounding areas, so stop by today!

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